Tito Boy's Top FIVE Karaoke Summer Songs

fram yor Tito Boy Itz Summer time, even whether itz HOT!

HEEEEY itz your Tito Boy herrrre. Summer is almost finished already and I haven't even come over for some pork barbeque yet. Anywayz, here's mah Top 5 Favoritz Karaoke Songz for da summer! Gimme FIVE!

1. Koko Mo - The Beach Boys: When I was small, I let my fingernails grow too long and your Lola said to me, "Boy! Gupitin yung Koko Mo!"

2. Kulit Now - New Edition: Kulit Now, you better slow it down. Oooh watch out, I'm ganna fall in lab! Ups, I already did!

3. Halo - Lionel Richie: Halo? Is it meh you're looking for? No, it's an icy summer delicacy with assorted floaties and purple ice cream! Sarap!

4. Pusit - Salt N Pepa: In summer I like cooking seafood on da hibachi. Or the healthy way -- on a salad. Or... just deep-fry it and do the total opposite (or op-PUSIT)! I call it "Pusit - Real Good".

5. Inday - Whitney Houston: This isn't really a summer song, but since I been going to all da picnicz this summer like PND, I always see all the girls on da stage singing diz song:

"INDAAAAAAYY...!!!... Will Always Love You!..."

(p.s. -- C U at Kultura diz weekend!)