RIGHT NOW, Spain vs. China in Olympic basketball is the closest thing to seeing a Filipino basketball team compete in the Olympics.....

by Allan

photo courtesy http://www.angryasianman.com/angry.html Before I begin, I'd like to comment that my physical features includes having eyes that are similar to that of someone who is of Chinese origin.  Of note, there was a controversy from Spanish athletes who made a controversial gesture imitating people of Chinese origin to show their "appreciation" in anticipation of the Beijing Olympics.  I personally didn't feel offended, but hopeful that these Spanish athletes come to their senses & offer a full apology because even though I wasn't offended, many other people were...... 

Tell us what you think? Were you offended by the Spanish athletes & their chinky eye gesture? Are you someone like me who only cares about the basketball, much like what you're about to read below? Check out the link provided below for the full story.


Photo courtesy of: http://hoops.blink.ph/2007/05/17/finally-philippine-basketball-team-won/

I've had little time to actually watch Olympic events, but one thing that I paid attention to specifically was Mens Olympic basketball. I was doing my routine at the gym & they happened to have the China vs. Spain game on & while working out, I thought that this is the closest thing to seeing an actual Olympic Filipino basketball team, but hopefully one day to see them play for real.......

 As the Philippines is a country that was heavily influenced by both the Chinese & Spanish, it was actually refreshing to think of having something close to the Philippines competing, especially in basketball where it's one the most loved sports in the country!

Yao Ming, also known as his Filipino alias "Boy" Reyes Chan

Photo courtesy of http://www.nbaloud.com/images/yao-ming-dunk1.jpg

On the real yo, I was thinking real crazy big that night thinking that NBA superstar Yao Ming looked like & was for a minute his Filipino alias, "Conchito 'Boy' Reyes Chan". Being an avid basketball fanatic, everyone in that game was Filipino to me. For one game, for that one moment, I was like yeah, my people are playing basketball in the Olympics, man! I didn't care what uniform they were wearing because they all looked Filipino to me. The Spanish had Filipino surnames; the Chinese had the physical features. It was great! I was cheering for both teams. I was hoping they could play a seven game series!

So when my sports fantasy moment ended, Spain ended up beating China. The optimistic side of me yearns to see an NBA Filipino born & bred player. I wouldn't even care if he was half-something because at least there's a Filipino connection!

What do you think? If the Philippines were to ever become an actual basketball powerhouse favoured to win a Medal, personally I'd be wearing the jerseys of the star players, I'd have a flag on my car. I'd be so proud to be Filipino!

It's nice to think positively, optimistically, but not wishfully. One day, it would be really awesome to experience & see a Filipino basketball team compete in an Olympics! I'm not thinking wishfully as I know it's inevitable & definitely reasonable to see an NBA Filipino player one day!

I just honestly think Filipinos are too damn talented to not be competing with the worlds best, especially when it comes to a sport that millions of people in the Philippines play......