Reverse Balikbayans: Going Back to the Motherland

by Leonard

This isn't really an Olympics story but on today's NBC morning news, there was a feature piece on Chinese Americans Going BACK to their Motherland to cash in on China's surging economy. They say that it's the next step in the 'American Dream' - bringing their Westernized culture back to the East.

Sure, the Philippines ain't China -- but have you ever thought of going to the Philippines to find work, excel at a profession, start a lucrative business.... or follow a dream?

It's no secret that a North American education, a western accent and sensibilities are looked upon with favour in the Philz. In a country that idolizes all things (North) American, you might notice that doors might open much easier and sooner than they would for you on this side of the world.

What would be the upsides or making that sort of move? Downsides?

What's Your Take?