5 Places to Eat Near the KPC (Kensington Market)

by Reese Chorizo Tacos, El Trompo

The K is hopping with all kinds of meetings and gatherings happening at our home base at 167 Augusta Avenue. Now whenever Filipinos get together for social or business reasons, the question always is: "Where do we eat?"

I found a couple of handy links at local blog BlogTO to help the first-time visitor to Kensington Market find some merienda, or the long-time neighbourhood aficionado to discover new gastronomic treats. It's all the more reason to drop by the KPC and enjoy our community within a community while the summer is still here.

Meanwhile here's a list (not in any particular order) of my own personal standbys:

1) El Trompo Taco Bar Introduced to this eatery by a good friend, I sometimes dream of their chorizo sausage tacos with a bottle of Dos Equis Beer. Their cardiac arrest-inducing fried cheese appetizer is also a guilty pleasure.

2) Ricebar Their rice bowls are made with only the best organic ingredients, and nothing says "comfort food" more than a bowl of rice. Great value for a full square meal. I also highly recommend their take on dessert sandwiches, somewhat inspired by toast at bubble tea places.

3) Banh Mi Bale If you are a fan of cheap eats.. this is where it's at. For $2.50 you can get an authentic Saigon Sub at this local Vietnamese establishment. Their savoury BBQ pork sub is a tasty "on the run" meal, if you don't mind crumbs all over your shirt.

4) Jumbo Empanadas Longtime Kensington fixture, this place makes the most amazing cheese empanadas. Addictive.

5) El Gordo's Fine Foods Don't let the spartan environs fool you. There's plenty of good eating to be had in this walk-in shop. Gotta love the novelty and inspirational combination of chicken and kimchi in an empanada. Another awesome cheap eat at $3.75 for the aforementioned Latin-American/Korean creation.

For more details on these establishments and more, check out the following links:

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Got any faves of your own you'd like to share in the 'hood? Leave a comment!

[Editor's Note: Stay tuned for future information on Filipino-owned, Filipino-themed establishments in the Greater Toronto Area]