Filipino: A Love/Hate Thing

by alex Pango means flat nosed.

I was at a famjam today at the Fiesta ng Pateros picnic in Newmarket (Pateros is the part of Manila where my immediate family lived). I decided to test out a project about how young Filipinos and Filipinas viewed their people.

I visited other tables and asked youth to write one positive and one negative about Fils. The horizontal images show what they liked, the vertical pics what they didn't like.

I told them they could write anything on the white board they wanted, as long as they meant it. I didn't tell what language to use, nor did I correct spelling.

The word on the left means loves to gossip.

Though they all wrote positives and negatives, it's the negatives that interested me more...

Balut is a Pateros speciality dish involving a duck egg with a recognisable chick inside.  Cheese Miss is supposed to read tsismis meaning gossip.

FOB means Fresh Off the Boat, a term referring to new migrants (it can be derrogatory depending on who and how its used).

To be fair the girl above was trying to find the word for how new arrivals talk, the girls with her told her to write "fob" for that.

And one last one. I also asked some non-Filipinos, here's one in the positive category:

For the curious, the other positives listed include: family (this was by far the most popular answer coming up five times), friendly, out-going, caring, religious, smart, and sinegang.

The most common negative was "gossip" (four votes).

I'd love to hear what you think of their answers, what you think it says about the Filipino identity, and how you would answer the question of what you like/dislike about your fellow Fils...

* * *

I found this pretty interesting and after making some adjustments to this project, it will be continued...

Look for the results at the Kultura Festival!!! Kultura is on Saturday 23 August from 12 to 9pm at Bellevue Square Park (in Kensington Market) and at the KPC (167 Augusta).

* * *

For an overview on the Filipino experience here in Toronto see my post "Filipinos in Canada."