NAIA 3 - Finally?

After its mothballed existance NAIA 3 is finally opening its arrival/departure gates to the international runways on Aug. 1.

FINALLY. Finally?

I'm only going to believe it when I actually land in it. I can't count how many times I've read speculations of its opening in local papers back when I was living in Manila.

My dad worked for one of the teams that bid for "solving" its problems a couple of years back. I'd always bug him, "when is the NAIA 3 terminal actually going to open?" every time I come home (especially from Singapore. Changi is the #1 airport I'd like to be stranded in), or pass it, since I used to live 5 minutes away (WITHOUT TRAFFIC) in Merville.

I know my dad had some photos of the airport when he was doing the presentation, but I can't seem to find them - so here's some random stock photos from the Net that I found.

I remember seeing a fashion spread in either Preview or Mega (local Pinoy high-fashion glossies) shot inside the terminal in 2006. Doesn't these look much, much better then the rotting shame that is Terminal 1, or #8 on's Airports You Hate?

Photo c/o The Unlawyer Okay I don't mean to be Debbie Downer here for a moment... but I wonder how long this will remain shiny, shimmery, splendid? Didn't take 5 years for the PAL Terminal 2 to cultivate sticky seats and unsightly bathrooms.

Let's hope the folks at the Manila International Airport Authority do our new airport justice and keep it spic-and-span and more importantly, efficient. If our neighbors in KL, HK and BKK can do it, so can the MNLs. According to the Lonely Planet Blue List book (2007 ed) the opening of NAIA 3 may just be the boost Philippine tourism needs. How can you convince people that the rest of the country is worth visiting when you don't even want to step foot inside its airport?

For now, let's pack our bags, cross our fingers and enjoy a Walkthrough of NAIA 3, courtesy of