a lateral extension...

...she saved herself by branching. extending from something that is main, a main problem - pivotal. focal. essential and key.

clearly, CLUTCH is crucial.

this photo screams full engrossment, all attention is at the task. i myself found me for a second. lately i’ve been trying to forget who i am because i just don’t want to remember, but have since been realizing that it’s fine. i am who i am. that’s fine.

i feel as though i can already sense all the participants pain. because that is what lies at the heart - something we all so wear on our sleeve…especially when it’s broken.

damaged. no longer in one piece. the order of its working existence has been slowed down immensely.

and now? what? i myself am looking for enlightenment. grasping for greater knowledge, trying to unify my own uncertainties.

whether being from love, friendship, home, here, there, near or far –struck sadness slaughters the soul.

i am so happy to have CLUTCH.