Where are the Filipinos in Hollywood?

by alex Now granted I'm not a Hollywood junkie. I'm not really in the know about who's acting in what, or whatever. But I'm pretty sure I haven't seen many Filipino faces in Hollywood and TV (and that's considering how few Asians there are in general). As a recent AngryAsianMan.com addict I'm starting to pay more attention to the business of asians in popular media.


Now it's slim pickings for us folk in general, but why are there so much fewer of us Fils specifically to play even the usual roles of convenience store guy, martial arts master, or geeky computer nerd super accountant?

Sure if you google it you'll find links to such stellar Filipino acting celebrities like Rob Schneider, Tia Carrere, Lou Diamond Phillips (who are half Filipino), Paolo Montalban (who played Kung Lao in the Mortal Kombat move), and Phoebe Cates (who is 1/4 Filipino).... but is that it?

The last time I remember hearing about Filipinos on TV or the movies was that Desperate Housewives incident, and the doctor in that scene was White!

I saw a list on Wiki but didn't recognise alot of the names. It's a pretty sad state of affairs really.

One of the nice things about being at the centre is seeing the folks at Carlos Bulosan Theatre and others create their own projects and doing so well. Congrats again to Nicco for snagging that Dora for Outstanding Performance by a Male.

I don't think there is a shortage of decent asian actors out there, there just aren't that many roles (and that's not even talking about decent roles yet).

So to you people out there that pay more attention to the entertainment industry than I do: what do you think are the main problems? and what can we start doing to fix them?

* * *

Note: The embedded video above is of Chinese-Filipino American spoken word artist Beau Sia. He was born in the Philippines to Chinese parents before migrating to the States. Alot of the work of his that I've seen deals with the issues of being Asian in America. I'm a pretty big fan.