More Filipino Spoken Word

by Leonard Alex's last posting with Beau Sia prompted me to think which other Filipino Spoken Word Poets I like. There are tons actually -- some names I like are: Regie Cabico, Kiwi Illaphonte & Bambu and Rupert Estanislao. Favourite all-time though, has got the be the group that got me into Spoken Word -- I Was Born With Two Tongues. Here's the Tongues' Marlon Esguerra -- this piece makes me cry every time:


By the way, don't forget that we have awesome Filipino Spoken Word performers here in Toronto and Canada-wide. Here's a roll-call: Dagamuffin & the Magkaisa Centre peeps. Balance, Dean Vargas, Idriss/El Garcia. Myk Miranda, Dave Deen, R.Scribe. Christine Mangosing. Fenaxiz. Hari Malagayo Alluri. Camille Cendana, Ian Nillas. Carlo Sayo and the Kalayaan peeps out in Vancouver.

I wonder how many budding Spoken Word Poets there are out there that we haven't heard from yet? Maybe someone who writes and recites in private but is secretly looking for that chance to hit a stage?

Do you write? Perform? Or have you ever wanted to try Spoken Word?