Worlds Apart

Poem and photos by 'Clutch' participant Krystel Pasignasigna.  Created during her most recent trip to the Philippines in May 2008.

Worlds Apart

Missing my home, With the longing to fly back to my third-world country, To fly back to the place by which I feel free, To the peoples who gave me a better understanding of, Who I am and what it is to be me.

It was as if I tasted sugar for the first time in my life. In shock by the euphoric taste of sweetness, I no longer knew who was the one living in strife. Renewed my mind, it opened my eyes. Something that was always there, like the truth hidden behind lies, I had never certainly known. The fast speed we walk in my world, The desperate need for more, more, more. Compared to the poverty in their lives, The joy and contentment in their eyes. I no longer knew, I was confused. Here, we dress to impress, Buy the latest fashion item, even if it costs hundreds of dollars, Just to pass the social circle's test. While they hope their home's personal store, Will sell enough pieces of candy or bottles of Coke, To buy a week's supply of food for the family, at twelve dollars' worth. Apparently, there are bigger issues than having, A pair of small love handles, That’s got you whining, Or not having the latest gadget or cell phone, Making you the most up-to-date, Been so blessed, you had never even known. Never realized the extremity of how fortunate You are – that you're here, not there. You might have sunk deep in debt, Struggling to make those bill payments, Nonetheless, you're on the higher end. There’s nothing your OSAP-paid education can't mend. Look around, you're in the wealthy land of opportunities, Too focused on the clearer picture of the future ahead of you, It might be difficult to realize and see, The easy chance you've been given to be whoever you want to be.

But it is sad to realize that everything, Comes down to the amount of money we've got jingling, In our pockets, that's defining our class and state of being. Sometimes I wonder if we really are free, Deprived of contentment, immersed in superficiality, Seems to me, those who are living large might truly be the ones in need. While the rest can find treasure in the things we find worthless, Amazingly, they're living proof that true, genuine happiness, Is still existent when you're impoverished.