Oh Jesus... Images from the Motherland

by alex I was reminded of the Jesus selling cigs pic at kpc while talking with some of our volunteers last week so I thought I'd upload it here with other religion inspired images. Religion is everywhere in the Phils, here are a few from my travels...

Jesus died for your sins, now he's helping you return the favour.
A shrine with baby Jesus calls out against the false video gaming idols.
Quiapo Fiesta: like last year there were another couple deaths in 2008 resulting from heart attacks resulting from the stress of being in a crowd of 1 million trying to get close to the Black Nazarene.
The Truth, or possibly a bullet, shall set you free.
This is Kevin, he lives with the dead. Manila's North Cemetary is the home to many urban poor. They live in the mausoleums that house the dead rich.
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