Philippine Disasters bring a tear to my eye

by Leonard

Now that they've confirmed that there are no survivors from the capsized Princess of the Seas and bodies are starting to be recovered either by searchers or just washing up ashore, its pretty evident that this one will go down as a major disaster.

But will it?  Seems like disasters in the Philippines are too-soon forgotten.  I mean, Wowowee is still on TV after all.  It's always the same, the Philz is used to calamity.  It's in the news for a bit and then it slips from the headlines and our consciousness -- the underlying issues prevail.


Poverty - How many of the passengers on this ferry just couldn't afford to fly to Cebu from Manila?  Or is that just for those who can afford to vacation in Boracay?  Greed - Why did the Ferry company allow the boat to sail even when storms were in the way?  Did they not want to lose those fares and were willing to take the risk?  Negligence - Why didn't the Philippine Coast Guard help out sooner?  Did PAGASA send out the proper warning?  Did the ship's crew fuck up?  Is it negligent if Filipinos abroad don't do something?

800, about half the number of passengers on the Titanic are gone just like that -- but it's not just 800 people gone -- its the people that they left behind that are in some cases, better off dead.  Or left to fend for themselves if they lost a breadwinner and definitely left to try and come to terms with the incredible loss of a parent, child, friend or loved one.  Lots of stories in the news on this one, but this one is a real heartbreaker.  Does anyone else feel helpless at a time like this?  

Seriously, what can we do?


(by the way, anyone have any family who affected by the typhoons?   My pops is from Iloilo and we just found out that a lot of that is underwater, but everyone is safe at least.  But still, can you say "mahirap"?)