Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee: GMA & Bush meet in DC

by Leonard Outgoing US Prez Bush Jr. met with Filipino President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo yesterday at the White House. GMA was in Washington while the Philippines struggles to recover from Typhoon Frank, which devastated coastal areas and flipped a ferry carrying over 800 passengers last week (nice priorities). Before discussing aide for the Philippines, Bush couldn't resist beginning the somber meeting with a quip about a Filipino member of his kitchen staff.

\"...this week on Little People, Big World...\"

Here's the start of the transcript taken straight from the White House website:

PRESIDENT BUSH: Madam President, it is a pleasure to welcome you back to the Oval Office. We have just had a very constructive dialogue. First, I want to tell you how proud I am to be the President of a nation that -- in which there's a lot of Philippine-Americans. They love America and they love their heritage. And I reminded the President that I am reminded of the great talent of the -- of our Philippine-Americans when I eat dinner at the White House. (Laughter.)


PRESIDENT BUSH: And the chef is a great person and a really good cook, by the way, Madam President.



What did Bush MEAN when he said that he's "reminded of the great talent of the -- of our Philippine-Americans" when he EATS DINNER? We know he's an idiot, but I think this is the first time we've been privy to it as Filipinos (hey, it could be worse - he could be caught on film dancing OUR native dances like he did when he went to Africa).

Does he mean: a) Filipinos are good cooks (we are though) b) When he thinks of kitchen help he thinks of Filipinos? c) When he thinks of FOOD he thinks of Filipinos?

If you didn't know, the Executive Chef at the White House is Cristeta Comerford -- a Filipina American (not Philippine-American... geez). She's also the 1st female Exec Chef in White House History. You don't get to Executive Chef by being a crap cook, so I bet she's super-awesome. And I bet she puts in a Filipino twist into everything she cooks too (like a drop of Patis in the in soup) -- no wonder Bush can't stop talking about her.

But not when the President of the Philippines is sitting in front of you and the Philippines is dealing with a world-scale disaster! That's like meeting Bush right after 9/11 and saying "Hey... but HOW BOUT' THEM YANKEES?!?!"

If I was the White House Chef, I'd serve him up a nice hot plate of Dinuguan and not tell him what it's made from. Or even better, Asocena... complete with a Jessica Hagedorn novel.

Idiots, both of them!

(by the way, GMA is supposed to meet Obama today. I hope he gives her a good powerbomb.)