Philippine Independence Day? - Maybe It's Up to Us!

by Leonard What are your memories of PND?  Earl Bales?  Seton Park?  Mississauga Valley?  Nathan Philippines Square? Do you remember when we took over the SkyDome?  Were you there for Super Soaker battles?  Laying on a banig in the sun?  Pork BBQ on sticks?

Those memories now seem like that old Fresh Prince "Summertime" video, but just like Will Smith's haircut and fashion sense from back then, they are played-out.  Where once it used to be easy to figure out what to do and where to go, never mind come to terms with the true meaning on June 12 -- now it's confusing and complicated.

Perhaps WE need to step up and define what June 12 means to our generation.  The following event is a great start:


Passion Restaurant is happy to support the Filipino Artist community during PND 2008.

$5 @ the door reduced guest list available Exhibition opens at 7pm Performances @ 8pm Special Passion Tapas Menu Available

MSTQ, Audrey Lopez, Michael Palma, Eric Tigley, Melissa Clemente Designs, It's your life, Kapisanan Philippine Center, Carlos Bulosan Theatre, The Pinoy Poetics, The Pinoygraphers, Eric Quebrall, DJ R-vin, Jeff Garcia, Ilona Fiddy, Minerva Records, Jen Maramba, Kevin Marzo, Jen Tigley AND MANY MORE....

Featuring a photography installation in our upstairs gallery, paint, illustration and mixed media and craft exhibition in the lounge and patio. 

Media and Press RSVP contact

Artist inquiries and reduced guest list contact