The Return of Adobong MANAK! Ang Sarap Sarap!

[youtube=] He's back, he's cooking your favourite dish -- Adobong MANAK -- and it's UNG-SUH-RAHHP - SUHRRAPP!!!

... and the truth is, he can speak Tagalog better than most of you! And ME! Oh NO

Be as good as Travis or maybe even better -- why not come out to the Conversational Tagalog classes happening at the KPC beginning June 3rd.

You can sign up for either Tuesday sessions from 7p-9p (for all the 9-5ers) or Saturday sessions from 2p-4p. We’re starting from the very basics. Kaya huwag ka nang mahiya!

Session fees are $75 for 6 classes and $15/drop in.

University and High School Students with valid ID can register for 6 classes for as low as $60.00 or $12/drop in.

Kids under 14 are free!

All course materials will be provided by the instructors. You will not be required to buy a course text.

Kitakits tayo dun ha?

E-mail or find our Facebook Group or the KPC facebook group to sign up.


(For the original Adobong Man-AK-tion, check out the original Travis clip HERE.)