Some "Scarborough Stories" before getting "Closer."

by alex

Saturday night was a busy night. First there was Catherine Hernandez's great "Scarborough Stories" at the Centre. Then came the massive blow up at Passion, "Closer."

Catherine and her actors performed for a packed house that definately enjoyed the evening. The K became Scarborough, and the mixed cultures in the audience definately represented.

The performance started with passionate readings of some new material. This was the first time I have ever seen her perform and damn, I'm impressed and slightly jealous! After this five actors did a read through of her new play "Kilt Pins." Now I was never a highschool girl, but after listening to this play, I am a little closer to understanding them.

I really loved the reading, and can't wait to see how this will be realised on stage!

* * *

Right after Scarborough Stories (and a quick clean up of the centre) I headed out to Closer (with dj mensa on the 1s and 2s). This is the second time party promoters Samantha Jade and Caroline Mangosing put together a kickin' party at Passsion Restaurant at Yonge and Bloor. I missed the last one because of the ttc strike, but knew I couldn't miss it again.

I planned to stay until until 1230am so that I could catch the last RT back to McCowan Sta... but ended up closing the place down! Sure I had to work the next day, and Reese woulda killed me if I came into the centre late with a hangover, no worries though--good thing this old man has a good sense of his limits eh?

Good times guys!

And of course I can't close this out without again wishing my boy Myk a happy birthday!!!

How's the head son?!?