May is Asian Heritage Month

I bet most of us didn't know or must have forgotten that this month, it's all about celebrating our Asian-ness. If my speculation is spot on I wouldn't even be surprised since the only way I found out was through a little poster stuck on a Toronto Sun vending box at the corner of Victoria Park and Sheppard where I get off to walk to work.

Today I came across a US-based blog Angry Asian Man and saw a video created by the Asia Society which asked stalwart figures in the Asian-American community: "What does being Asian-American mean to you?" Although they did not feature Filipino-Americans in their 5-minute short clip, Asia Society president Vishakha Desai challenges Asian-Americans of all nationalities (including Filipinos) to let the virtual world know their thoughts on their heritage.

For Asian-Canadians, specifically Filipino-Canadians, we want to turn that question back to you - What does being Asian-Canadian mean to you? We would love to hear your opinions in the "comments" section below.