New KPC Flickr Group!

by alex

Holla Filipino photogs in the Toronto area!

I just set up a Flickr group for images by GTA photogs that are members or supporters of the Kapisanan Philippine Centre.

Are you Filipino or do you have images related to the Filipino community?

The arts, entertainment, politics, whatever--if it is relevant to the Filipino experience, or made by a Filipino POST THEM HERE:

Every week or so we'll select a handful to post on the KPC blog with a description and photo credits.

Show us what you're up to! And we'll share them with the community!

* * *


1) No more than TWO posts a day. 2) Make sure your content (and your links) aren’t objectionable. eg. no nudity, no profanity, suitable for youth consumption. 3) Always provide information about the image (ie. what's happening, where, etc.) 4) Images must be related to the Philippines or the Filipino experience on some level.

* * * * *

To start things off the pics from this post are from a casual shootout with some good people from ---Photos by yours truly of course ;-)

The above photos are a) of a giant green-screen being set up to add a "london" background to the scene; b) the green screen is covering this rail line; c) Roxy, used to shooting models (and instead seeing me), tries to shut out the world...


Jonathan Ponce

---> and the hottie in the first photo is Jade Maravillas

Check out if you want to find people to shoot with! And join our Flickr Group!!!