People Power is kind of cheese and the Philippines makes me feel like a chump.

Oh, Philippines... I love you, but you've let me down yet again.

nah manHere I was, shouting to the hills about the latest "People Power" and that Gloria was going to be ousted by the Power of the People (People Power!!!) and yes, guy... Time Magazine HERE WE COME AGAIN! But noooooo.

Didn't happen. People Power is the Polkaroo, I SWEAR... it was coming. It's Mr. Snuffleuphagus, it's REAL... YOOO HABB TO BELEEEB MEH! And now I'm a lying chump stuck on this damn blog hanging in the wind just having cried wolf.

The National Post published an article on the 'People Power' that is going to happen in the Philippines (yes, 'People Power' is a noun, ie - "Are you going to the "People Power"?)

Awesome, we're in the mainstream paper and we're looking tough and militant! And in black and white too -- dramatic. Just like in '86, remember the good ol' days! Laban!

What's real though, is that despite all the wolf-calling and inflated news items, People Power is like Public Enemy said back in the day... Don't Believe the Hype.

The attendance at all the supposed People Powers (3, 4, 5? I don't frickin know anymore) has been pathetic, nothing compared to the masses that descended on EDSA in 1986. In fact, Carlos Celdran says that more people are going to the mall instead of joining in the rallies in Metro Manila.

And that sucks, I know. I wish more People had the Power to join in. I'd go if I lived there. But they're not. So I'm not talking about People Power anymore until People start going and making it Power. Ful. Powerful. Yeah, that's it.

In fact, I'll just wait for the CBT play, because at least I know people will be attending THAT.

What do you think? What does it say that Filipinos can't pull together big attendance anymore? Are we up shit's creek now?