Kids in Rehab? What's happening in the Phils?

by alex I just got back to Toronto from three months of working on photo documentaries in the homeland. One of the groups I worked with was the Children's Rehabilitation Centre--oops, I mean "Center" (*sigh* I always forget about the American spelling...).

[above photo: CRC art therapy inside a Manila prison housing Muslims accused of being Abu Sayaff members, included a group of young men that were arrested as young as 12 years of age--follow the link below for more images.]

Since Len is writing about the current political shinanigans with GMA and those that want her out I thought I'd provide a little context around it. What's going on in the Phils that people are willing to go through all the headache of another People Power thing? We can all point at the poverty, the lack of jobs, but is that all?--not that that isn't enough!

The CRC provides psycho-social therapy through art programs for children that are victims of state violence---that's right STATE violence.

According to a new UNICEF book "Uncounted Lives: Children, Women and Conflict in the Philippines" over 200,000 women and children have been the victims of military atrocities since Gloria came into power.

Check out my photostory here (there's a slideshow option, but I also provide a short written piece with each image):

[above photo: a Muslim woman applies plaster bandages to her nephew's face to make a mask, assisted by a Dutch social worker who was volunteering with the CRC. This was an art therapy event for the kids leading up to a multi-org peace camp and rally in Manila in early Dec to protest the actions of the current gov.]