Takip Silim

So this is Filipino awareness week. I've been back and forth to the Philippines 6 times. Recording, filming and bridging gaps between me and my roots within the communities yet, I have a void that has yet to be filled. I run away from a house hold that holds the foundation to my roots, culture and values. I grew up in the west end of Toronto where Filipinos are less in abundance than other places such as Scarborough, Jamestown, Jane & Finch and Mississauga. It is hard as an artist to meet the standards and ideas of my parents. You see, my father was a provider. Like many of our Filipino fathers, they had to escape the harsh ghettos of the Philippines in hope to find a better life for themselves and their family. Now that I am older and able to support my own activities and ideas my father's role as a provider has lessened. He has taken up poetry to stimulate his mind and continue to self learn for the years he has lost when he became that lone adventurer in this land called Canada. The only one to venture off from all his friends and family now reaches back to the homeland for his people. I know he is not alone. As our parents get older, they have a yearning to move back to the Philippines to spend their last glory years in the land they've once called home.

He wrote this piece as a tribute to Valentine's Day.

I decided to produce the track as not only my appreciation for it but to help fill in my void of pride in my roots. Deeper the roots the higher the reach, right?

I hope this video finds you in a deeper sense of understanding.

Thank you to my parents for giving me the chance to explore my talents. In return, it is my obligation to understand and expose the roots you've instilled in me.

Lest not we forget where we came from.

Happy Filipino Awareness week.

Also been published in the local Filipino newspaper... big up pops... ur a hustler.

Below is his poem and the translation (it's hard to translate but you get the gist of it):

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfAovBtRi3c&rel=1] Takip Silim

Ka’y gandang pagmasdan, ang isang Takip Silim, It is such a beautiful thing to see the golden dawn or sunset Lalo’nat ito’y isang, magandang tanawin, Especially within all it's scenery Tagos sa pagkatao, at puso’t damdamin, Deep inside your well being, heart and feeling Busilak sa ganda, kong iyong mamalasin. You can feel the pureness of its beauty Ang isang Takip Silim, ay di pagsasawaan, It is hard to resist the golden dawn or sunset. Kahit araw arawin mong, tingnan at titigan Even if you looked at it all the time, everyday. Dahil ito’y nababalot, nang kahiwagaan, It is because it is full of mystery, Maghapong nagdaan’y, babalik balikan, when the whole day passes you will always see it

Di natin kayang, takasan ang Takip Silim, We cannot escape the golden dawn Sa lahat nang nilalang, dito sa mundo natin, For the entire people in this whole world Lahat ay may kasaysayang, di kayang limutin, Eveything has a story that you won't forget Masaya o mapait man, ito’y muling uungkatin. Throughout happiness or sadness you will always be thinking

Tandaan mo ang lahat, ay mayroong katapusan, Remember everything has ending Tulad din sa maghapong, lulubog din ang araw, Just like the whole day, the sun will set Ang buhay nang tao, kong ito’y pagmamasdan, You will see as all human beings, Mga Baby Boomers, Takip Silim ay naghihintay. To all the baby boomers the golden dawn is waiting.

Mga kaibigan ko, tayo’y maghinayhinay, to all my friends it is time to slow down Mag-slow down ka, sa iyong pupuntahan, slow down to where you are going Isipin mong parati, sa iyong daraanan, always think of where u going Nag-iwan ba ako, nang isang ginintuang aral ? Did I leave a positive mark with all that I've done?

Kong hindi naman, may panahon ka pa, If I haven't left a good example there's still time Balikan ang kahapon, ngayon ay suklian mo na, think of all the good things of yesterday and the time left to still do good things Dahil sa iyong kalooban, gunamgunamin lahat pa, Because of your good heart, think and feel of everything you've done Isang Extra Baggage ang papasanin tuwina. You will always carry your extra baggage.

Tulad nang Mayakda, ang gusto kong iwanan, Just like the author, i want to leave behind Maibsan ang dala, sa aking kalooban, everything that I'm carrying inside me Sakit na dinala, noon pang unang araw, the heartaches that i have been carrying for a long time Dahilan sa iyo, ako’y iyong iniwan. Because it is you that have left me behind.

Naglahong parang bula, ang iyong katauhan, You have disappeared like a bubble, Kasama ang Pagibig, na ating sinumpaan, including your love and promises Mula noon at hangang ngayon, nakatarak na punyal, from yesterday up to the present there's a knife that was left inside Dito sa dibdib ko, Pilat na di mabahaw bahaw. There is a scar in my heart that never healed

Nasaan ka man ngayon, at kong matutunghayan mo, wherever u are and when you happen to read this poem Hapdi nang puso kong ito’y sinugatan mo, with all the heartaches that you've given to me Karapatan kong tanungin, bakit mo ginanito? i have the right to ask, why did u do this? Kay habang panahon, ang ipinagtiis ko. I have been suffering for a long time.

Kaya’t sa pagsapit, nang isang Takip Silim, Now just like d sunset or golden dawn Tulad nang puso kong, dumidilim na rin, the same as within my heart, the sunset or golden dawn is fading Walang kasagutan, ang pusong hilahil, I have no answers to my poor heartaches Sinta’y nasaan ka, puso ko’y diligin ? my love where are you, come & water my heart

At kong mawawala, dito sa mundo, and if i'm gone in this world Doon sa kabilang buhay, kita’y hihintayin ko, I'll wait for you to the point of no return Sa banal na hagdanan, langit sa tingin ko, and on the stairway to heaven Dalisay na pagibig, ipadadama sa iyo. i will prove to you and let you feel my pure love

At kong sa paghihintay, ay wala ka pa rin, If I am waiting and you are not there Babalikan ko, ang pinagdaanan dilim, I will return to the darkness Hahalughugin ko, makita ka giliw, I'm going to search for you my love and prove Kahit sa Imperyno, sasamahan ka’t mamahalin. that even in hell i will acompany you and love you

Ohhh Pagibig ! na makangyarihan, oh the power of love Kapag ito’y pumasok, sa puso nino man, when it enters the heart Hahamaking pilit, masunod ka lamang, you will challenge anyone just to prove the power of love Sintang ginigiliw, Ako !, Ako’y mamamatay. My love , I, I am dying.

(Mayakda…Alex Punzalan)