New Labour Deals for BC and Manitoba, but are we being screwed again?

by Leonard

Hopefully someone told Philippine Labour Secretary Arturo Brion that the best way to see all of Canada is by Via train, because it seems like he's working his way across - starting from the west.


On his cross country jaunt, he leaves new labour partnership agreements in his wake, first with the province of BC and just last week with the province of Manitoba.

Both provinces have signed agreements with the government of the Philippines to help attract more Filipino workers as a way of coping with labour shortages. The Philippines currently sends millions of workers overseas to over 190 countries. Saudi Arabia, for example, has been hiring workers from the Philippines since the 1970s and today is home to some 1.2 million Filipinos. It's no secret that labour gives the Philippines' it's biggest economic export - people.

So what do these new deals mean for Canada? And for the Philippines? And why, amidst the years-old controversy surrounding the Live-In-Caregiver Program, aren't these new deals setting off red flags amongst activists?

Are we being duped yet again?