Filipino Awareness Week

One of the things that gets bandied about during discussions about Filipino identity is the fact that we have little to zero visibility outside of our own communities. At the root of this, the recurring theme of cultural shame rears its ugly head. Complacency seems to be the norm. Then again, maybe I'm just old. On the other hand, I love and am inspired by our youth who have the energy and passion to be spurred to action instead of just talky discourse. In an effort to combat our invisibility, and celebrate our background, the Filipino Students' Association of Toronto (FSAT) has declared the week of February 25th - 29th as "Filipino Awareness Week" (FAW). Filipino Awareness Week Poster

Notable events being held are Wednesday's $5 Filipino lunch (mmmmm, two ulam and rice! that's a steal), Thursday's Panel Discussion, and Friday's Talent Night at the Koffler Institute. So I highly encourage all KPC supporters to go check out their website and join in the festivities.

In the spirit of this week, what else can YOU do from February 25th - 29th that celebrates what it means to be Filipino?

  • write a poem about your favourite filipino food
  • spend time with your lola and document your family oral histories
  • learn a new tagalog word every day that week and use it in sentences daily
  • watch a tagalog movie (with subtitles, I'm not asking the impossible)
  • hang out at the KPC?

Anyone got any ideas? Comment away!