13 for 13 campaign: 13 champions


Kapisanan is highlighting 13 young Filipinx champions that are paving the way for their peers in an effort to cultivate and launch the next generation of leaders.

We had the opportunity to sit with each of our champions to discuss their well-fought journeys from 13 years old. With this in mind, we started each interview with an introduction question to set the tone of nostalgia and self-reflection: Is there a location in the city that reminds you of your 13 year old self/pre-teen years? Do you often go there?

Through their blessings and adversities, they have uncovered what it means to be a champion in their own right.

Stay tuned every month as we celebrate each of our champions!

13 Champions is a project spearhead by Maria Toquero (Junior Coordinator and Placement Student).



carol ann apilado

Carol Ann Apilado is an artist, designer, and former CLUTCH Program Coordinator who believes positive social change, empowerment of the Self and the community can be achieved through creativity. As an artist, she uses street art to explore her identity and as an outlet to challenge the ego and gender norms. As a designer, she organizes the Toronto chapter of ‘Ladies, Wine & Design’, a global initiative where womxn in the design industry come together to discuss topics including entrepreneurship, gender inequality, collaboration, and work and life balance. Her goal is to create brave spaces where creative womxn can share their experiences and support one another in sectors that remain cis-male-dominated.



    dani magsumbol

    Dani Magsumbol is Kapisanan's resident Capacity Builder, and a graduate student at the University of Toronto. She moved to Canada from the Philippines in 2010 and still considers herself a recent immigrant. At Kapisanan, her work is directed by her mission to work with and give back to the Filipino community. On campus, her research focuses on the ways in which female temporary foreign workers, specifically Filipino live-in caregivers, define and experience safety within urban environments.